If you have a tablet, I'm sure it happened to you many times: "Where are the buttons!?"

Because tablets have such minimal designs, and you can turn them in any direction, it is very easy to forget where the volume and the on/off button are when you most need them.

Here's our Kickstarter campaign, which will be running until January 1, 2016 :

That's why we created i.see: a clever and intuitive visual marker that you can stick on top of the tablet' screen (or on your case if you like). This way you will always know where the buttons are! 

Designed by Sapetti

how do I use it?

Simply take i.see from the box, clean the tablet screen (it's good to do so every now and then!), remove the protective tape from the bottom of i.see and stick it nearby the buttons.

Just make sure the volume marker is applied in the right orientation ( + - )


We initially designed i.see for iPad, but is also compatible with many other tablets - as long as they have buttons! -, and even works if you use a case

 note: i.see does not replace the buttons, it is a Visual Marker. 


i.see is a product designed and developped by the Design Studio Sapetti

Patent pending

i.see is available in 5 different colours so you can choose the one that fits better your personality and style.


 i.see has just been presented to the world, you can now pre-order yours!

Support us!

How can you do that?

We are hoping to get the project funded with the website Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. How does it work?

Simple: you can buy one of the 5 "packs", this is kind of ordering the product in advance. Once we reach the goal, then the campaign will be successfully "funded", meaning that i.see will be produced and most important: you will receive your i.see by post!! How cool!

Here are the different packs you can order on Kickstarter:


share the idea!


If you like the project and want to see i.see succeeding, please share the idea and the campaign with family and friends! (also share in the social network --> )

Thanks for your support!



Special thanks to friends and family who supported us all along the way,

and the great Squadone studio for their brilliant branding work.